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Re: [hylafax-users] Storing sent faxes

At 08:22 PM 3/28/01 -0500, WJ McEachran wrote:

>I was thinking of some kind of script or daemon to read the contents
>of /sendq and change the doneop values  to archive (so it
>wouldn't delete the fax after sending it).

I can't think of a good way to accomplish this without HylaFAX doing this
itself.  There'd be quite the difficulty in accomplishing synchronicity.
If this is an all-or-nothing situation, you could hack your client or the
code so that the doneop value of "archive" is used instead of "default"

>Then, another daemon script reading the contents of /doneq and moving it's
>contents into /archive

The same daemon which executes faxqclean (faxcron) would do nicely here.

>This kind of thing would do until the archive routines work as documented.
>Have I got the sequence right?

I think so.


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