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Re: [hylafax-users] Some error messages

At 11:42 PM 3/29/01 +0200, dejou@sch.bme.hu wrote:

>> 38400 is the maximum communication rate with the serial device by the
>> computer, not how fast the fax connection is at.  And, the maximum fax
>> CONNECT speed is 14400, anyway.
>I know that, sure, in fax communication the maximum speed is limited to
>14.4k in the telephone line and (sometimes) to 19.2k in DTE-DCE
>communication. But I am speaking about data connections. If I want my
>modem to serve at 56k, obviously, I need higher rate connection between
>the computer serial port and the modem, do I? But higher rate
>communication cannot be maintained by xonxoff flow control. And my modem
>is unable to receive faxes with rtscts. So I do not know how to switch to
>higher rates in data connections, this is my problem.

Oh.  You'll need to hear from someone who does data connections also, but I
tend to believe that this shouldn't affect it, and the data connection will
be based off of the mgetty (or whatever it is) settings.


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