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Re: [hylafax-users] fax modem

At 11:10 PM 3/29/01 -0800, Michel Donais wrote:
>> > > Somebody suggested the MultiTech MT2834ZDX.  I have been so
>> > happy since I
>> > > installed this modem....class 2 just works.  So now I can send
>So MT2834ZDX seems to be the best
>and Class 2 the one to choose ; any other opinions???

Well, I don't want to encourage a modem debate or a fax-class debate, but
I've used Rockwell, Conexant, Cirrus Logic, and USR modems quite a bit, and
I prefer the Conexant 56K ones that are recently out - the particular brand
I use is "Jaton" which is a cheezy, chump-o-rama, brand, but it works for
me.  And in every case I prefer Class 1 over Class 2, not for its features
(or lack of them) but because there are less bugs in the Class 1 code.


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