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[hylafax-users] Bug? in xferfaxlog!!!


We're developing a billing system and web based access system for HylaFax. 
We found out following problem in xferfaxlog.

In this, the "sender" entry contains senders e-mail address. But not the 
authenticated user name or id. So if someone send a fax putting some other 
e-mail address as the notification e-mail, this e-mail address comes to 
"sender" field. This is allowed when sending fax form a client through 
hylafax protocol. At this situation there is a fax going out but the sender 
is unidentifiable by the billing system as this log entry does not contain 
authenticated user name or id. I think this is a BUG! and this field should 
filled with user name or the user id. Or a new field should be added.

Best Regards,

Ruwan Jayanetti,
University of Moratuwa.

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