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Re: [hylafax-users] Bug? in xferfaxlog!!!

"J.K.D.Ruwan Jayanetti" wrote:

> Hi,
> We're developing a billing system and web based access system for HylaFax.
> We found out following problem in xferfaxlog.
> In this, the "sender" entry contains senders e-mail address. But not the
> authenticated user name or id. So if someone send a fax putting some other
> e-mail address as the notification e-mail, this e-mail address comes to
> "sender" field. This is allowed when sending fax form a client through
> hylafax protocol. At this situation there is a fax going out but the sender
> is unidentifiable by the billing system as this log entry does not contain
> authenticated user name or id. I think this is a BUG! and this field should
> filled with user name or the user id. Or a new field should be added.

Many people (and me) use email->fax gateway to send faxes.
In this case all submited jobs from different senders have the same owner (in my case it's root).
Is it mean that after the BUD fixing I will have only "root" word instead of e-mail addresses?

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