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Re: [hylafax-users] faxaddmodem won't see the modem

On Wed, Apr 04, 2001 at 06:47:35PM -0600, Lee Howard wrote:


> onDev() only uses ondelay if the ONDELAY definition in faxaddmodem line 113
> points to a valid file.  onDev is reconstructed without the use of ondelay
> if alter the value of ONDELAY to point to a non-existant file such as
> ONDELAY=/etc/foo  (in Linux anyway...)
> You may want to try this - see if the problem is with the ondelay program...

I already did, one tries everyting when getting desparate. But it is even
without testing this quite obvious that this is not the problem. Afterall,
ondelay is to prevent stalling of the program by a blocking modem,
while I have quite te opposite. My problem is that the command exists
to soon instead of too late.

I think I'll have to conclude that all this leads to nothing. I guess this
means that I just have to remove hylafax and try some other program that
does want to fax on this machine. This all has taken quite some time,
but I don't see anything that might lead to any solution. If anyone
has a real idea that might solve this problem I am happy to try, but I
can't allow myself to put much more time in it. I have to work towards
a solution to my problem (setting up a fax server) and it seems that
hylafax simply isn't going to offer me one.

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