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Re: [hylafax-users] faxaddmodem won't see the modem

At 11:20 AM 4/5/01 +0200, Eric Veldhuyzen wrote:
>I think I'll have to conclude that all this leads to nothing. I guess this
>means that I just have to remove hylafax and try some other program that
>does want to fax on this machine. This all has taken quite some time,
>but I don't see anything that might lead to any solution. If anyone
>has a real idea that might solve this problem I am happy to try, but I
>can't allow myself to put much more time in it. I have to work towards
>a solution to my problem (setting up a fax server) and it seems that
>hylafax simply isn't going to offer me one.

Er why not just copy one of the modem config files and just hand edit the 
phone number etc using vi or something and then run faxgetty from inittab 
or faxmodem to tell the queuer.

faxaddmodem is an optional component to make life easier, it is not 
necessary for hylafax to function.

- Robert

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