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Re: [hylafax-users] destination fax machine is hang up

At 05:42 PM 4/6/01 -0300, Paulo Alex Dariva wrote:
>Ok, I'm sorry. I'll upgrade
>Did you change the time on receive side to fix this bug? (Class1Recv.c++)
>Is there no patch on sender side?

Yeah, the bug was with the receiving, not the sending... but MPS/EOP shows
up on the sending side.  Sorry... I was confusing things.  I meant to say
that the error was T.2 timeout and not an MPS/EOP, but that it could be
seen as an MPS/EOP on the sending side.

>I ask because my receive side is a fax machine (without hylafax server)

I've used the patch for almost a month now with no ill effects.


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