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Re: [hylafax-users] faxaddmodem won't see the modem

On Fri, Apr 06, 2001 at 02:03:29AM +1000, Robert Colquhoun wrote:
> At 11:20 AM 4/5/01 +0200, Eric Veldhuyzen wrote:
> >I think I'll have to conclude that all this leads to nothing. I guess this
> >means that I just have to remove hylafax and try some other program that
> >does want to fax on this machine. This all has taken quite some time,
> >but I don't see anything that might lead to any solution. If anyone
> >has a real idea that might solve this problem I am happy to try, but I
> >can't allow myself to put much more time in it. I have to work towards
> >a solution to my problem (setting up a fax server) and it seems that
> >hylafax simply isn't going to offer me one.
> Er why not just copy one of the modem config files and just hand edit the 
> phone number etc using vi or something and then run faxgetty from inittab 
> or faxmodem to tell the queuer.

Great idea! But I don't have any modem config files yet, that's why I
want to run faxaddmodem in the first place. And, maybe this is my fault,
I can't find any documentation on what to do to create (a) modem config
file(s). The only thing I see is 'run faxaddmodem', and that doesn't work.

> faxaddmodem is an optional component to make life easier, it is not 
> necessary for hylafax to function.

Yeah, I figured that out. But since faxaddmodem is (as far as I can see)
the only 'documentation' to how a modem should be configured it would
be nice if I could make this thing work without reading the source code.

Could you please send me a sample modem configuration to adapt? That
would make it quite a bit easier, I guess.

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