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Re: [hylafax-users] Delay on first use of whfc after reboot

On Wed, Apr 18, 2001 at 11:12:30AM +1200, Warren Wagener wrote:
> We are having a delay for the first use of the fax system on each machine
> after a reboot. It seems to be tied with the DHCP from the same Linux box,
> we see a definite improvement in speed if the machines are statically IP'ed.
> Some suggestions have been made that it is to do with DNS settings, but I
> assume that this would be constant for all uses not just the first.
> Access is very fast after the first use but may take up to 1 minute to
> connect and get the status of the server. Using telnet to communicate with
> the server gets the same response, regardless of weather it is accessing the
> hylafax or a standard console session.

Ah, that *is* what you mean.  The nameserver that the *fax server* is
asking for reverse DNS queries for your LAN addresses (which I'll
assume are private) isn't answering.  You really should be running a
nameserver on the faxserver even, or perhaps especially, if it's
internet connected... make it authoritative for 192.168.whatever, or
whatever your LAN addresses are -- that's for the *reverse* zone

-- jra
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