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Re: [hylafax-users] LT Winmodem ?

At 09:36 PM 5/5/01 -0600, Lee Howard wrote:
>Okay, okay, so it's silly, but does anyone have a working config file for it?
>Hmm, this looks like a Class 1 modem.
>Product code (ATI0) is "LT V.90 Data+Fax Modem Version 5.78".
>Other information (ATI3) is "LT V.90 Data+Fax Modem Version 5.78".
>DTE-DCE flow control scheme [default]?
>Modem manufacturer is "Unknown".
>Modem model is "Unknown".
>Using prototype configuration file class1...

Well, the "default" faxaddmodem options all seem to work with it just fine.
 Sending and receiving are great (this is a Pentium 200MMX 64MB RAM, kernel
2.2.16).  How interesting.

It, however, like all other modems that I've tried with HylaFAX, can't send
faxes/connect to Kingston's RMA fax line.  (Fax "machines" work fine
sending there.)

Could any of you who can expense a long-distance phone call to CA who
wouldn't mind bothering... try sending a test fax to them with your HylaFAX
server?  (714) 435-2643  All that I can get is:

SEND FAILED: No carrier detected

If you get differently, let me know.



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