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[hylafax-users] Problems installing smbfax-1.3


I have got problems installing smbfax-1.3 on Red Hat 7.1. Accessing the fax
printer defined in 'smb.conf' from a win98 machine gave no result. So I run
the 'smbfax-html'-script located in '/var/www/cgi-bin/' manually from the
linux box where apache, hylafax and samba are installed. This is the

Forbidden (You must be invited before you can send a fax)

Well, I checked the permissions of 'smbfax-html'. 'chmod 6755 smbfax-html'
is set correctly. '/var/www/cgi-bin' is a valid cgi-directory for apache. I
have defined 'security = user in 'smb.conf. The use of encrypted passwords
between the linux box and the win98-machine is also activated. My smbfax
root-directory is'/usr/local/smbfax'. The 'smbfax-html'-script is generated
by doing a 'gcc -o smbfax-html smbfax-html.c' as described in the README. I
also thought this could be a hylyfax security problem. My
'/var/spool/fax/etc/hosts.hfaxd' contains a localhost entry. I also put the
username 'stephan' in it but it did not make a difference. (I am able to
send faxes over the network from another linux box or win98 box.)

So, at the end, I absolutely do not know if this error message is a result
of an apache, samba, hylafax or smbfax misconfiguration.

Configuration: Red Hat 7.1, apache 1.3.19, samba-2.0.7, hylafax 4.1-beta3,
smbfax 1.3 (CGI, Digest:: MD5 and Net:: SMTP are installed)

Thanks for help,


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