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Re: [hylafax-users] ./configure Missing C++ runtime support for gcc

At 12:24 PM 5/26/01 +1000, Alan O'Keefe wrote:
>Hi Mallapa
>We are running HP-UX 11.0, I retrieved the file:
>from the site: hpux.connect.org.uk, which is a gem of a site that I get most
>of my pre-compiled 3rd Party software from.
>It gets much harder though, you require libtiff, which I couldn't get a 
>depot for,
>I started hitting nasty problems in the make, so I gave up.  We are 
>actually using
>a Red-Hat Linux 6.2 system as a fax server, I just wanted to get the 
>Hylafax client

There is a 3.5.4 version:

...but i can't remember is this was one version of the early tiff 3.5.X 
that sometimes crashed when decoding fax images.

I have a older version of tiff-3.4 that perhaps i could tar up - it has 
some dependencies though ie zlib which might end up harder than just 

>running on HP-UX, but I'm going to use LPRng to submit the jobs to Hylafax.
>General question to the Hylafax Group:  Why do I have to configure the 
>whole thing
>and have things like libtiff just to run the client ?????

Yes its less than ideal.


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