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Re: [hylafax-users] ./configure Missing C++ runtime support for gcc

On Tue, 29 May 2001 mallappa@itsprojects.com wrote:

> Hi Alan,
> I have done exactly the same as you have mentioned in this mail, still I get the 
> same error. 
> Following inputs may help you to answer this for me;
> 1. I am using "hylafax-4.1beta3" software, am I using a wrong version? 
> 2. From where can I access the configure script that is in CVS? If I can get one 
> can I just copy the new configure script and run the script.
> 3. Do I have to configure this software as "root"?

It turns out that configure script is broken. (back to the drawing board)
Even if it wasn't, the CVS configure script will not work on beta3

P.S. I'm still looking for ssh access to a HP machine to fix the HP build.

Tim Rice				Multitalents	(707) 887-1469

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