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[hylafax-users] Stop working....

I've installed Hylafax 4.1b3 on a Debian box and Whfc on an NT client 
to send something like 300 fax in one shot by means of the wonderful 
VBA routine mailmerge under M$ Word provided by your site.
Now, it all works great, Hylafax can deal with that bunch of faxes, 
retrying transmission when the line is busy, and dealing greatly with 
the many "concurrent jobs"...but:

BUT it all seems blocked and  goes on too slowly  (or doesn't work at 
all??) when a "no carrier detected" is encountered. 
In one case Hylafax tried to resend three times the same job till I 
killed it myself... In another case it all seemed deadly blocked.
How can I avoid this in view of the fact that I'm going to use Hylafax 
in this way 9 times out of 10? 

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