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Re: [hylafax-users] Client prgm for IBM AS/400

>>Is there such a client program?

Not yet in the way that you want. But one could be set up using Java. Other
way is using the FTP software in AS400 as a client and make some CL
"scripts" to sent the user and job parameters. One thing you had to be
present: all the files have to be converted to PostScript format. In the
documentation I've sent to Lee Howard there is explained how to do it(many
thanks to Carey Evans). Other problems appears if you want use a client.
You need copy the spoolfile to a "physical" file and do some work to not
loose the original information of the file, wich means, not loose the
newlines, spaces,etc,etc. Even managing the files in the spoolfile is a
headache because there are created 2 files during the Postscript

>>I believe we could set up the Hylafax server to be a network >printer
just as with Samba,

This is possible. As I said at top of the text, you must transform the
AS400 files format into Postscript. The problem is that the users loose all
control over the fax because the owner's job becomes the printer deamon. Of
course the user could receive the email notification but he only can follow
the outgoing job using a win client.

>>but we need the client interface to make a user happy.

Look up josť.

>Pedro Rocadas has done just that.  He sent me his scripts, and I'm >going
to put them into the HOWTO as soon as I comprehend their >function well
enough to caption them a bit and figure out where to >stick them.

Any doubt just ask Lee. But what i sent to you is the steps that have to be
done to transform the As400 files format into Postscript.
>However, they're on my system at work, and I'm not there (and >won't be
for a week).  So you could look through the archives and >get his e-mail
and contact him directly (if he's not
>reading this list anymore).

We must be updated all the time...

>I'm sure that he'll be happy to share them with you.

Umm.. half-happy. I will be happy in the day i had a client working in the
As400(a GUI isn't usefull) and all problems resolved:-).

>Or wait... or beg really hard and maybe I can work some magic.

Only if you take some lessons with Merlin :-))

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