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Re: [hylafax-users] beta3 running with 2.2.18?

> in the past I had problems with the height running version beta2. The list
> told me to use beta3 and to download it directly from ftp.hylfax.org.
> The problem is that I have Kernel 2.2.18 from SuSE 7.1. And the binary
> hylafax beta3 is only running with a libstdc++-libc6.1-2.so.3. This is an
> old version and I do not get this installed anymore. Would it help to
> compile my own binary then?

I do not know how to resolve to libc6 stuff. But you may grab CVS
and compile it on 7.1. This works for me. And it runs also.
But beware: SuSE's path are somewhat different with standard HF
and SuSE patch is (partially) out of date. So with make install you
will end up with HF-binaries in places which are not in your standard
suse path. If you can handle this kind of problems then you may give
CVS a try.

I still have a source rpm with beta3 here (don't know whether for 7 or 7.1)
and the corresponding rpm. You want them? Should I try to recompile the rpm
on suse 7.1?


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