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Re: [hylafax-users] Client prgm for IBM AS/400

Well, last Friday testing some things with our vendor technnician we
realise a few things. One things that's clear is the need to convert AS400
AFPDS files to Postscript format. I have the code for that. Sending the
postscript(PS) file using FTP directly from AS400 seems a
mission:impossible. Why? During our tests I connect myself to As400 from my
linux box and after geting the PS file we discovered that the file turns to
DATA wich makes impossible to read the file with ghostview and, of course,
nearly impossible to send it to hylafax. I forgot to mention. To send the
spoolfiles using FTP you must creat it as a physical file, code that i have
too:-). The value of this code is that you can send back the file to
spoolfile:-)(for people who don't work with As400 could be a simple thing
but ask for this subject in a as400 forum and you will see...).
So, what could be done to use a client after all? Well, just sending the ps
file by lpr to the linux box, creat the file in the sendq/ dir, and run the
client in As400 to access the directory. Because no one client is available
for as400, the FTP software could be used. If this seems a boring approach,
choose the printing option. I will send to Lee the code to transform,
select and print the file. The code I sent before had the basics but I
guess people will appreciate the complet code. Cheers

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