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[hylafax-users] Incoming call routing via phone number

I would really appreciatte any information
anyone can give me on this. I need to route
faxes depending on what phone number the fax
was sent to. IE, we have 16 boca faxmodems on
a pbx. We can set it up so that they have a busy
signal roll pattern. Also more than one phone
number is going to point to this big pool of 

So basically, how can I differentiate as to where
the fax was originally intended to go? I can't do
it via device as theoretically any of the modems
could be used to answer any of the phone numbers.

I've looked and searched, but I'm up against a 
wall. Anyone know or have ideas?


Will LaShell



--an excerpt taken from every developers cvs
  commit message at some point

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