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Re: [hylafax-users] Incoming call routing via phone number

At 07:10 PM 6/20/01 -0700, will@lashell.net wrote:
>I would really appreciatte any information
>anyone can give me on this. I need to route
>faxes depending on what phone number the fax
>was sent to. IE, we have 16 boca faxmodems on
>a pbx. We can set it up so that they have a busy
>signal roll pattern. Also more than one phone
>number is going to point to this big pool of 

Let me save you the time in looking further.  No.  Everyone wants to do it,
but... you've got to have the PBX report the number dialed to the modem,
you have to get the modem to pass that number to faxgetty (I've never seen
an analog modem do this), and then you have to get HylaFAX to relay that
information to faxrcvd for your use in FaxDispatch.

Good luck, but save yourself the time... if the modems' documentation
doesn't say that they do this specifically, then presume that they don't.
And if you *do* find an analog modem that does this, please, let us know.

As for the telco reporting the number dialed to the PBX... heh, I spent a
couple hours on the phone with the telco in Honolulu, and they didn't have
a clue what I was talking about.


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