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Re: [hylafax-users] Fax is sent empty??

Dear Osvaldo,

> I'm trying to send fax by an application self made.
> The fax server receive teh document I'm sending (PS format)
> and perform the call.
> Unfortunately the fax went out EMPTY, just like ghostscript
> had generated an empty file.
> Do anybody of you has an idea of what should I do to
> trace (or even correct) the problem?

Set Servertracing to 0xFFF (man hfaxd) and look at /var/log/messages
for any errors. AFAIK, you have to restart HylaFAX and faxgetty to
enable it.
Each job is logged in two files: /doneq/qXXX and /log/c000XXX. There
might be any hints in these files, too.

After sending the PS file to HylaFAX, a file docXXX.ps.XXX should be
stored in /docq (if you are using STOT command). Try to open it in
ghostview (gv) to verify, that HylaFAX received the complete file.

Best Regards

Bodo Noering Consulting
Zur Alten Faehre 23  D-45219 Essen
Phone +49-2054-971790  Fax +49-2054-971791
bn@urania.com  http://www.urania.com

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