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[hylafax-users] Problem with Received Fax

Dear Sir,
I am using HylaFax 4.1 in RedHat Linux Server.
I can receive fax and the fax image is successfully stored as /var/spool/fax/recvq/fax00###.tif

When I use Outlook 2000 on my PC running Win98 to receive the faxmail, the fax image is attached with a file name "recvqfax00###.tif" (without a "/")
and that I can Open the file with the Kodak Imaging Software.
However, it is strange to me that why the file name is not something like this "...../recvq/fax00###.tif"

I also used another E-Mail client program InterPrint to receive the faxmail, the fax is attached with a file name "recvq/fax00###.tif" (with a "/")
I suppose this is the correct path of the fax image file.
However, I CANNOT open the attachment.
I tried to manually modify this e-mail message such that the path read as"recvqfax00###.tif" (without a "/") and suprisingly, the image file can be opened.

I appreciate if you can show me where the problem is and how to solve the problem.

Yours truly,

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