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[hylafax-users] Newbie can't get WHFC to go

Hi all,

Sorry if this is a little OT, if its terribly OT perhaps somebody might be 
able to point me in a better direction.....

I'm trying to get WHFC (MS Windows 95) running with Hylafax (4.1 on Linux 
2.0.36). I'm having problems with the latter but that's a different story / 

1) WHFC takes forever to connect to the server. Both forward (A) and 
reverse (PTR) DNS lookups seem to be working but it takes approx 3 minutes 
before it asks me for a password. If I telnet to port 4559 from the same 
client I get connected without any sort of delay.

2) When I print to my fax printer (Apple laser writer on WHFCFAX:) the job 
appears to get queued locally but never gets sent to the server. Once I've 
got logged in, the status message appears (Hylafax scheduler 
on  server.wew.co.uk: Running) and any jobs in the server's queue 
(submitted via the commandline utility which came with hylafax) are listed. 
But not anything I've sent from my PC. At this point the 'L' is greyed out, 
but if I exit WHFC and restart, any jobs are still sitting in the local queue.

Any ideas?


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