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Re: [hylafax-users] modems & hylafax

At 02:16 PM 10/24/01 -0400, James Werkowski wrote:
>I'm also a HylaFax newbie. I just set up a RH 6.2 server with a USR Courier 

Make darn sure that this is not internet connected or that you update your
wu-ftpd package.  You'll get hacked quickly if you don't.  I'm not quite
sure why anyone chooses to use 6.2 these days when 7.2 is out.

>v.Everything modem in class 2.0. It tests out OK, both sending and 
>receiving but we have not pumped enough faxes through it yet to do a real 
>stress test.
>I ran into two specific problems in the set up:
>1. The faxaddmodem script did not recognize the config/usr-2.0 default set 
>up script until I inserted a CONFIG: line that included a regular 
>expression that would match the results of the Courier's AT+FMI? command.

This is fixed in recent versions of HylaFAX, although I'd appreciate it if
you could send the results of AT+FMI? so I can check on that.

>2. Once I got the config script right, I could receive faxes but not send 
>-- HylaFax said it "could not set up the modem." That was cured by adding
>  ModemATCmdDelay:        100

Again, this is something that is resolved in recent versions of HylaFAX, I
believe - it may need to be CVS, even.  I'm not sure on that.


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