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Re: [hylafax-users] modems & hylafax

> At 02:16 PM 10/24/01 -0400, James Werkowski wrote:
> >I'm also a HylaFax newbie. I just set up a RH 6.2 server with a USR Courier
> Make darn sure that this is not internet connected or that you update
> your wu-ftpd package.  You'll get hacked quickly if you don't.  I'm
> not quite sure why anyone chooses to use 6.2 these days when 7.2 is
> out.

RedHat 6.2 was considered the last good version of RedHat Linux and the
7.2 version only recently came out. If you apply all of the updates (all
of them can be found at ftp://updates.redhat.com) then RH6.2 is rock solid
secure. My current RH6.2 server was up for more than 430 days before it
spontaneously rebooted (still trying to figure that one out)... We're
replacing it only because the hardware is obsolete.


Chuck Wolber
System Administrator
AltaServ Corporation
ten.vresatla@wkcuhc    "Condense facts from the vapor of nuance."

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