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[hylafax-users] Problems with USR modems ?

Hi all,

Newbie has some trouble with HF 4.1 server on SuSE 7.2. Modem is an old USR
Sportster v.34. faxaddmodem can only configure it, if speed was set to

First : I can use it only in Class2-mode. Class1 won't work. Don't know
why, but don't care. :-)
Second : We use HF for sending many faxes once every week (50-60 faxes per
we have many problems after the 10-12th fax was sent. All faxes behind them
are moved to the sent-queue, without trying to send them :-(. The first
10-12 faxes are sent well, but nothing behind this. The client is Cypheus
version 2 beta 4, but it also didn't work with Whfc...

Any ideas ?

Thanx in advance :

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