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[hylafax-users] USR 56K wedged errors

Hi list

I see in the archives circa 1999 that USR fax modems are not recommended 
with Hylafax. Is this still the case? I have a bunch of USR 56K modems 
already and was hoping to be able to use them.

I'm trying to set up Hylafax on a Debian 2.2 machine with a digi PC/Xem 
16 port board and 8 of the aforementioned USR 56K modems. I did an 
apt-get install hylafax-server hylafax-client hylafax-doc, so I guess 
that counts as the "binary" installation; don't know how to query 
Hylafax for its version.

Anyway, I followed the documentation steps. "Checking your  modem" 
seemed to work ok. I didn't know what to do about flow control. My tty 
devices are picked by my digi board: ttyD000, etc. I ran faxsetup, and 
it complained that getty-link, vgetty-link, and egetty-link were 
missing, and also that font metric files were not found, then it exited 
(were these errors supposed to be fatal?). I used "faxaddmodem" OK, and 
left most of the fax settings, including AT commands at their default. I 
then added "S0:23:respawn:/usr/sbin/faxgetty ttyD000" to /etc/inittab 
and did "kill -HUP 1". At this point, I tail -f /var/log/messages and 
see the following sequence repeated:

Nov  7 16:49:29 africa FaxGetty[1534]: OPEN /dev/ttyD000
Nov  7 16:49:35 africa FaxGetty[1534]: /dev/ttyD000: Can not initialize 
Nov  7 16:50:48 africa FaxGetty[1534]: Unable to setup modem on 
/dev/ttyD000; giving up after 2 attempts
Nov  7 16:50:48 africa FaxGetty[1534]: CLOSE /dev/ttyD000
Nov  7 16:50:48 africa FaxQueuer[1357]: MODEM WEDGED: bin/wedged 
"ttyD000" "/dev/ttyD000"

Any ideas what to do next?

Thanks in advance!


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