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Re: [hylafax-users] CAPI-problems with AVM-FritzCard

> I have an ISDN problem (Austria) with AVM-PCI-card.
> Sending a fax works fine with ISDN (CAPI).
> I have tried to started c2faxrecv manually (and automatically) with these different arguments:
> (parameter -v is for detailed information)
> c2faxrecv
> c2faxrecv -f TIFF -v
> c2faxrecv -f HYLAFAX -v
> but the only errors I get are (with different fax-machines on the other side):
> Started in TIFF mode and waiting on incoming calls.
> Incoming analog call from 0xxxxxxxxx24 to 48.
> Connection established to Receive ID '0xxxx xxxxx 24' with 2400 bit/s.
> Write fax to file /var/spool/fax/cfn0000002-0xxxx xxxxx 24.tif.
> /var/spool/fax/cfn0000002-0xxxx xxxxx 24.tif: Error writing TIFF header.
> Fax received and calling '/var/spool/fax/bin/faxrcvd 12 0x3400 "0xxxx xxxxx 24"
> "48" 0 "/var/spool/fax/cfn0000002-0xxxx xxxxx 24.tif"'.
> Connection is droped with reason 0x3400 (No additional information).

For me this looks more like a avm/capi/fritz problem.
You my look for help on a (mostly) german mailing list.
info is hidden somewhere on www.avm.de - support - linux - faq  (or similar)


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