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[hylafax-users] Help needed.......

Dear all,

I have just installed Hylafax-4.1 on Redhat linux 6.2,I have made all 
changes said on the Hylafax.org site for email-to-fax gateway.
I am able to send fax from local system using user@faxnumber.fax 
but when i am trying from different hostusing 
faxnumber.FAX@faxserverhost  always it is say unknow host...

Please guide me how to set the rule S0 said in Hylafax site...
i.e how to set R$+.FAX<@$+>    $1<@$2.FAX> in sendmail.cf
1) what is the proper way to write this rule in sendmail.cf
2) where should i write this rule in sendmail.cf

I am using sendmail 8 on my system....


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