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Re: [hylafax-users] fax overseas don't


You may also want to check that the overseas exchange doesn't need a 

Hylafax (or pretty much any modem) will dial blind once it has a Dial 

You may need to introduce pauses into the dial string, with a comma, 
after the country and area codes.



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Seems to me that when hylafax dials, it is never answered.

Have you used minicom to verify you can dial out via the modem to an
overseas number?

Have you plugged a plain old telephone into the line and dialed that
overseas number?

If you're going through any sort of CSU/DSU or PBX, is it configured
correctly to dial overseas?  (This last one bit me pretty hard some time
ago.  Turned out my CSU/DSU was stripping the leading 1 or 01 or 011 from 

outgoing phone numbers, so long distance/international would not work.)


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