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[hylafax-users] Fwd: Sends fine, no receive

----- Forwarded message from "Skull, Temple of." <skull@key.net.au> -----
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 16:25:18 +1100
From: "Skull, Temple of." <skull@key.net.au>
Reply-To: "Skull, Temple of." <skull@key.net.au>
Subject: Sends fine, no receive
To: webmaster@hylafax.org

I am running Hylafax version 4.1 on a Redhat 6.1 with version 2.2 Linux 
kernel.  Hylafax sends out fine using Windows box with WHFC.

But on attempting to send a fax from another location I get this message in 
the Hylafax logs.  It is always the same and is in a file named "C" then 
several zeros and a number.  This one was on a file called "c00000008":

Jan 11 10:07:50.60: [  590]: SESSION BEGIN 00000008 6102610266564107
Jan 11 10:07:50.60: [  590]: <-- [4:ATA\r]
Jan 11 10:07:53.73: [  590]: --> [3:FAX]
Jan 11 10:07:59.59: [  590]: --> [5:+FCON]
Jan 11 10:07:59.59: [  590]: ANSWER: FAX CONNECTION
Jan 11 10:07:59.59: [  590]: sched policy=1, priority=1
Jan 11 10:07:59.59: [  590]: RECV FAX: begin
Jan 11 10:10:59.70: [  590]: REMOTE HANGUP: Unspecified Receive Phase B 
error (code 70)
Jan 11 10:10:59.70: [  590]: RECV FAX: Unspecified Receive Phase B error
Jan 11 10:10:59.70: [  590]: RECV FAX: end
Jan 11 10:10:59.70: [  590]: SESSION END

I am in the process of upping the server tracing, checking the logs and 
finding wherever the instructions to fix this are buried in the Howto's or 
FAQ's.  I have read them and will again, but if there's an easy fix to this 
can someone please tell me?

I don't want to throw this package in the too hard basket, but your docs do 
say it comes configured to receive.   I sent the test from a Ricoh Aficio 
220.  I have not configured Hylafax with old protocol, just hfaxd and faxq 
with SNPP on startup.  Clocal as root is set as "yes".  The only other 
change I can think of is I put "192.168.1" in the hosts.hfaxd file to send 
from my home network.

And where do I find the "hfaxd.conf" file referred to in the documentation?


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