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[hylafax-users] Hylafax & AS/400

Lee, the public is demanding the AS/400 Howto :-).

Well Barry, integrate AS/400 with Hylafax it's easy, not pretty, but close.
You only have to enable the LPR support in AS/400, create a outqueue
pointing to your Linux box and create a script pointed by /etc/printcap.
Running a client in AS/400 is theorically possible(theriocally because I
have no tested it yet) and a friend pointed to me a a java tool to
transform spoolfiles in AS/400 to PostScript, PDF,etc,etc. A client and
this tool is the definitive solution but for now, a print->to->fax is not
bad. Le promised to publish the howto but he is short in time for now. If
you want start right now I can provide support for you for now.

Pedro Roçadas (procadas@creditus.pt)
Dptº Informática,BPN-Créditus Technical Staff
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Hi Pedro.

I saw your post of 06-Dec-2001 concerning faxing from an AS/400.  I
have both an AS/400 and a Hylafax server but have never gotten the two
to speak.  Do you have the HOWTO posted to the website yet.  If so,
what is the URL?



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