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[hylafax-users] Wired problem...

Hello all,

Well I just joined this list and I hope someone can point me into a new 
direction for my little problem (I banged my head against the wall all day:)

Anyway, here we go: I successfully compiled HylaFax on my Sun box, running 
Solaris 2.6. Everything works great and I am a real happy camper: I can 
send outgoing faxes, I can view faxes and I am even capable of controlling 
HylaFax via the Win Client (Cypheus).

Here is now my problem: I can receive faxes successfully from my Windows 
Laptop (Zircom MPCI+Modem 56 WinGLobal) but I can not receive any fax from 
either: my "real" Fax machine or from my other Fax Modem (Supra v.32bis). 
The HylaFax answers, but the Handshake does not happen:( I followed 
carefully all instruction regarding the Solaris OS (and it seems to work, 
since I, again, can receive faxes from my Laptop).

I even tried different modems (Hayes Optima 144Fax 144, and U.S. Robotics 
Sportster 33.6k) and Fax Level 1 and 2.0 settings...

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

- Uwe Willenbacher

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