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[hylafax-users] Some questions ...

Hello there,
hopefully I choose the correct way this time!
Ok, here are some questions I have:
a) is it possible to simulate the receiving process with already received faxes?
Currently I have to send a lot of faxes only for test purposes, and these ones cost money all the times.
b) I have different faxrcvd scripts. One _should_ have the function to send an email to the email adress which is dedicated to an MSN in the etc/users file. But it does not work, no email is sent.
Do you have an idea why not? (I attach both versions).
c) Is it possible the change the ownership of a received fax automatically depending on the recipient? Via etc/users there's a MSN <-> email adress translation possible, and maybe that could be used, or enhanced, to get a username?
Currently all recipients have access to all faxes - no privacy.
Thanks a lot for any comment!!!
c y



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