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[hylafax-users] Bad exit status 03400 for 'bin/notify' ....

Hi people,

everytime i send a fax through my HylaFAX server, i get the line

Feb 20 10:39:56 blah FaxQueuer[703]: Bad exit status 03400 for 'bin/notify
"sendq/q255" "requeued" "" "10:46"'

or something like that.

i guess the notify script attemps to send an email to the user. i don't use
sendmail, i use XMail, because it's better. XMail has an sendmail binary
that sends local mails (for services like cron etc.) - and it works (even
with normal users)!

for compatibilty, i have the following links to sendmail binary


In my XMail log there is nothing about any tries of "notify" to send email.
An so the users don't know if their faxes were sent because they get the
status "unknown".

So does anyone know the meaning of the error code "03400" ?
How can i test/debug the notify script ?

greetings, soenke.


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