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[hylafax-users] who runs win98 and cypheus as client for hylafax?

hi together 

I'm still fighting with my problem geting all the above running.

after some experimenting I'll bet that there is something wrong inside the cypheus prg running with win98. 
I installed it at an NT box -> it's running without any trouble
I did it with another 2 win98 boxes and they all died with the same error. 

Error Number:	3265
Description:	Ein Objekt, das dem angeforderten Namen oder dem Ordinalverweis entspricht, kann nicht gefunden 
Modul:	frmSendFax!Load
Date:	06.03.02 21:36:53

Error Number:	3704
Description:	Die Operation ist für ein geschlossenes Objekt nicht zugelassen.
Modul:	frmSendFax!Load
Date:	06.03.02 21:36:53


Bodo didn't answer to my questions so I would ask the list if anyone out is running the above combination?
I use the latest Version of cypheus ( Version 2.30. 2130 ).

Bye Peter

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