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[hylafax-users] Email gateway (here we go again)

	I am probably missing something here so I am hoping the people on this list
that know what they are doing can help me.  I have Hylafax installed from
the latest source and it is working.  I am setting this up for my job.  I
need to get Hylafax to work in conjunction with a piece of software that
some employees are now required to use running on a Windows server.  The
users will be using Outlook to send both faxes and emails.  Email will be
sent normally out of the Exchange server (damn that box) and I need to be
able to send faxes out too through Outlook in the form of
FaxUser@myhylafaxbox.com.  FaxUser will be a dummy user who receives all
incoming faxes and the fax number will be in the Subject line (or in the
text body, which ever is easier).  I would also like to get a reply back on
success or failure of the faxes.  This can either be done be reply email or
through some sort of centralized web interface that they can check.
	In looking at the faxmail docs, it is expecting the email in the form of
user@number.fax.  How would I route this from the Exchange server to the
Hylafax box with Sendmail?  Outlook only knows how to use the Exchange
server to send mail out.  There has to be a some what straight forward way
to set this up that I cannot seem to figure out.  I don't have much
experience with Sendmail, but I can read a man page and follow instructions.
I appreciate any help that you can provide.  Thanks.

Michael French
Asheville Citizen-Times
IT Dept.

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