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Re: [hylafax-users] MPS - EOP errors....

Lee Howard wrote:
> On 2002.03.13 20:30 Chris Parsons wrote:
> > I've upgraded to 4.1.1 after completely removing hylafax 4.1. Hoping that
> > this would solve the MPS - EOP errors. However I still get them.

> > Im using an Eicon 4BRI card with the Eicon Diva Binary Drivers.
> These drivers have as much influence as anything on the functionality of
> HylaFAX.


I recommend you try either Class 2 (I know, it's heresy) or the melware
drivers.  I'm running the same Diva card, using melware drivers with the
2.4.17 kernel, and I have had no problems at all with faxes.  The only
caveat is that the melware drivers only support Class 2.  It's possible
that the hardware only supports Class 2, and that Class 1 is some sort
of funky software Class 1 to Class 2 conversion in the binary drivers
(that's why I don't like closed sosftware - can't tell what it's doing!)

Also, there's about a hundred settings that you can use to fine-tune
your setup, all software driven (at least with divactrl and the melware
drivers), so you can really tweak (or break) your connection.


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