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Re: [hylafax-users] Re[2]: Re[2]: Error in manual: etc/hosts instead of etc/hosts.hfaxd

On 2002.03.26 09:13 Barometer wrote:
> Hello Lee,
> Hey, how could he know that hylafax changed the way it works. The
> older help file is still there and it is not identified to be no more
> valid. Instead of changing somebody else's FAQ, mind your own help
> version control. Am I wrong?

There are a number of man pages that have changed names.  And there are a 
lot of configuration files that have changed paths at that version change.

If somebody is using an old version, they need the man page for the old 
version, and any comment about deprecation will only be confusing to 
individuals who have difficulty understanding why their on-system man page 
states something different than what the on-line man page states or why 
they don't have a particular man page on their system when there is one 
on-line.  A deprecation message will make perfect sense to people who are 
affected by the deprecation - but for those who insist on using old 
versions who apparently do not value version differences anyway, the 
deprecation message will be misleading and confusing.


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