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Re: [hylafax-users] Re[2]: Re[2]: Error in manual: etc/hosts instead of etc/hosts.hfaxd

Quoting Lee Howard <faxguy@deanox.com>:

> There are a number of man pages that have changed names.  And there are
> a  lot of configuration files that have changed paths at that version
> change.
> If somebody is using an old version, they need the man page for the old
> version, and any comment about deprecation will only be confusing

Then maybe the website man should be reorganized to give the man according 
to a given version. New man pages will sometimes contain new options that 
are not available to users of old versions, they too could be mislead by 
that information. The man pages should tell which HylaFAX version they are 
documenting. (http://www.hylafax.org/man/4.1.1/man1/...)

Patrice Fournier

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