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[hylafax-users] DID/MSN revisited - a solution for the US market

I've been talking with Adtran.  Adtran (http://www.adtran.com) makes a 
magic box that, among other things, can take an ISDN PRI, break out 
ISDN/BRIs, that you can feed to your fax card and get routing based on 
dialed number.

What is needed to do this tranparently is MSN - multiple subscriber 
number.  Currently, the Atlas 550 does not support this.  Adtran has 
done some "monkeying around" with my Atlas to make it work; it's a 
one-off kludge, that works but is not really marketable.

Below is the email I have received from my support tech at Adtran:


	I don't subscribe to that mailing list, but if you can round up some people that want it, you can ask them to email Paul Smelser (paul.smelser@adtran.com) and ask for them to support Multiple Subscriber Numbering (MSN) in the Atlas for your application.  If they would add that feature, we wouldn't need to monkey around with the config so much.  Paul is the Product Manager and he determines what new features will get added based on the return on investment.  I've heard him mention that he could add a feature for a purchase of 10 Atlas units.  So if you can round up 10-15 people interested in buying Atlas 550s for this purpose, have them each send him emails regarding MSN functionality.



To recap, An Adtran Atlas 550 will let you do fax routing based on 
dialed number.  To get this feature built in, Adtran needs 10 people to 
buy the unit.  The base unit with two ISDN/PRI ports and 4 ISDN/BRI 
ports is about $3,300 from CDW (http://www.cdw.com).  Ask for the video 
conferencing bundle.

To use this feature, you need an ISDN PRI as your network connection, 
typically a PBX that will use an ISDN PRI as its feed, and an ISDN fax 
card like a digi datafire 4bu or eicon diva server.

The Atlas takes the place of your CSU/DSU, the box that acts as the 
interface between the phone
company network and your PBX.

This is only for the US market.  Europe has different ISDN standards.


Yan Seiner
President, Cardinal Engineering, Inc.

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