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Re: [hylafax-users] How 2D-MR work?

Quoting Pedro Rocadas <procadas@yahoo.com>:

> Sorry the delay  but my wife needs attention too
> :-))). I make the call and I hope this is what you
> need.

> !postscript:0::docq/doc1917.ps.1917
> fax:0::docq/doc1917.ps;41

Ok, let's decode that:
0x41 = 01000001

which is (starting from the right):
vr = 1   : Fine (196 lpi)
wd = 000 : 1728 pixels in 215 mm
ln = 00  : A4
df = 01  : 2D-MR

So HylaFAX did request for a 2D encoded file...

This filename is created in faxQueueApp::prepareJob() which asks for the 
convertion according to the params it sets. the df is set by the following 

  if (req.desireddf > DF_1DMR) {
      params.df = (use2D && job.modem->supports2D() &&
          info.getCalledBefore() && info.getSupports2DEncoding()) ?
              DF_2DMR : DF_1DMR;
  } else
      params.df = DF_1DMR;

which as you see requires to have a 2DMR encoded file that 4 options be 
true. You told us that info.getSupports2DEncoding() should be false 
according to the info file and you made sure you checked the right file so 
we'll have to see why this function doesn't return false... you do run 
4.1.1 with no custom changes to the source?

Can you change a line in the info file so that there is no ':' in it? This 
should cause an error in the hylafax.log file and will confirm if HylaFAX 
uses the info file it should use. If this causes an error, I believe we'll 
have to hack the code to report what's going on...

Patrice Fournier

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