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[hylafax-users] Designated Outgoing Modem

Please forgive me if this is a HylaFax 101 question, but I'm killing myself trying to figure it out!
I have a 5 modem configuration. 4 modems are on a Digi (ttyG0_00 - 03) receiving incoming facsimile. They work great, no problems at all.
I added the 5th modem (ttyS0) to be a send-only device. In the config.ttyS0 I added;
ModemPriority: 0
ModemGroup: "any:ttyS0"
Here's the problem. If I send a single fax, it goes out just fine through ttyS0. But if I queue another fax right behind it,
HylaFax tries to use one of the other modems which I don't want. How do I configure my system to Receive-only on ttyG0_00 - 03,
and Send-only on ttyS0?
What am I missing?
Todd Long

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