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Re: [hylafax-users] sed-3.02.80

On 2002.04.23 17:41 Seemant Kulleen wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am a developer for Gentoo linux, and I am trying to create a build
> script for hylafax-4.1.2 for Gentoo linux users.  We use GNU sed-3.02.80.
> Without Daniel Robbins' (:P) patch, configure complains with the c++
> error
> that has been discussed on this list before.  After the patch, configure
> succeeds, but the Makefile that it generates is horrendous. I have
> attached that to this e-mail.
> If anyone can supply any clues for a successful compilation of
> hylafax-4.1.2 with GNU sed-3.02.80 I would be appreciative.

Well, I went to do a minimal ftp install of Gentoo to try and help... 
alas, the only installation method is is via bootable CDROM.  *sigh*

As far as I can see, the FSF's (gnu.org) latest sed release is 3.02 which 
was in 1998 sometime, I think.  Any ".80" or "-11" (RedHat's Rawhide 
version) is attached by the distribution I suppose.  "Everyone else's" sed 
version is working fine with this.  What patches has Gentoo added?  What 
compile options were used?



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