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Re: [hylafax-users] DNIS routing in HylaFax Version 4.1.2

shiam@bhphotovideo.com wrote:

>Hi I am running hylafax 4.1.2 on linux 7.2 and want to route fax's to different recipients 
>based on DNIS.
>I have seen quiet a few posts on the list re: workarounds for DNIS/DID routing however 
>since $CIDNumber and $CIDName have been implemented as of the 4.1.1 release my 
>question is being that hylafax collects the DNIS, what do I need to do in order to route 
>fax's by the last 4 digits of the dialed number?
Write a FaxDispatch to do what you want.

>Do I need to modify the faxrcvd or is it the FaxDispatch script, also using the 
>CIDNumber will this return the caller ID or the dialed number, any hint or examples 
>would be appreciated.
>At last I am using a multi tech MT224 modem how can I tell if my modem does collect 
>caller ID and DNIS, and if it passes this info to hylafax.
Read the manual.  It should tell you the command to use to enable 
CID/DNIS reporting.

If you don't have a command to report it, it can't.

>I looked in the log file and did not see any recorded CIDNumber, does this tell me that 
>my modem does not pass caller id to the server?

Sorry, I'm limited on time so I can't give detailed answer.


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