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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax GUI Front End

On Tue, Apr 30, 2002 at 09:44:28PM +1000, Dave Barton wrote:
> On Tue, 2002-04-30 at 20:25, Pedro Rocadas wrote:
> > >Is there a reasonably good GUI front end for configuring
> > 
> > Configuring using a GUI ? Do you really need eye-candy
> > to configure hylafax?
> No I am not talking about eye candy? All this bloody crap about command
> line shit is what is going to permanently keep Linux as just "geek
> freak" garbage in the mind of the ordinary everyday computer user and
> keep Mr Gates laughing all the way to the bank. By way of great example
> of "so called eye candy", just read the Linux related mailing lists and
> news groups singing the praises of KDE3. 

Microsoft will probably not survive 2005.

You heard it here first.

Ever try to administer a graphically controller fax server from the wireless
modem on your Palm Pilot?  :-)

> > >sending and receiving with Hylafax. Something like
> > efax-gtk for efax.
> > 
> > Unfortunnaly our users work with wincrap, but maybe a
> > reasonably search for kfax(KDE) will help you in the
> > sending task.
> Yes, I am a refugee from Windows and for many years I have been using an
> extremely powerful fax tool (namely Winfax from Symantec). In fact, I
> have written several custom applications for some of my clients, which
> interface with Winfax for reporting data from remote unmanned data
> collection locations.


> > Oh, and don't forget to read the kfax help. I'm sure that you will find reasonably
> > information there in how kfax must be configured to  work with hylafax.
> > GUI to receive fax. Well, I think any graphical MUA will be ok for you.
> Pedro, please don't be bloody patronizing!!! This snotty "I use Linux,
> so I am holier than thou" attitude is not helping the promotion and
> advancement of Linux. In the "real world" Windows is winning, because of
> the readily understandable GUI "eye candy" that the everyday computer
> user wants.

In the "real world", Microsoft is running "dump Unix and move to a
*real* OS" websites on Linux, Apache, and MySQL.

Granted, he shouldn't have been patronizing... but that does *not*
invalidate the comparative studies on how many Unix boxen a given
administrator can manager vs. how many Windows boxen...

> > The fax come attached with the notification if you setup FaxDispatch.
> While kfax is a useful little utility, it is only part of what should be
> a fully developed fax program (both front and back end). FaxDispatch is
> yet another "tack on" to make up for the lack of a fully developed Linux
> fax application.

Could be.

"Don't Bitch.  Just Write Code."

None of *us* get paid for this, either, Dave.  Relax a little, ok?

> I am in no doubt as to the power and potential of Hylafax, otherwise I
> would not have submitted my question here, but if this is representative
> of the quality of answers to this list, I must presume the answer to my
> simple question is a simple "No".

It may well be.  In practice, though, once I set up a HylaFAX server, I
damned near never touch it.  There's not a lot of real-time admin work
to *do*...

> BTW. Would you please reply to the list and not duplicate e-mail
> directly to me. Thank you.

With the exception of The Bat, all the mail clients I've seen that
*know* how to do this run on *nix.  ;-)

-- jra
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