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[hylafax-users] Inquiries about some features....

Hi you all,

I'm brand new to Hylafax, and I've searched thru mailing lists, man 
pages, and HTML documentation to find out by myself, but I could not 
find my way, so I'm calling for a little help.

I'd like to know two things:

1) I'm pretty sure there is embedded codes support (like Rightfax does) 
within Hylafax, but I would need to get the complete list of these. My 
goal is to install a fax server at the office to run concurrently with 
my other two Rightfax servers, and I need to figure out wether or not I 
can do it (my servers are faxing documents produced by automated 
services, which prints postscript documents). What I need exactly is the 
ability (on the server) to recognise some codes from within the 
postscript document like fax, phone, from, to, and maybe some more, if 

2) We have a function called grouped faxing. The exact situation is that 
an already working system uses the --BREAK-- function of Rightfax to 
split one print out in as many faxes as --BREAK-- functions appears. For 
example, I may send information to many dealers for a single reservation 
file. The automated system will try to fax all the information on a 
single printout. I need, then, to be able to parse the postscript (or 
PCL) document, and break it into pieces....

Let me know.  It's kinda urgent.

Many thanks,

Christian Tardif

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