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Re: [hylafax-users] Resent failed facsimile-jobs

--- Ulrich Neumann <ulrich.neumann@depot149.dpd.de>

> They complain that there is no possibility to resent
>a failed facsimile-job to the same or a new
fax->number ( They know such a possibility from Lotus
>notes to fax ).

They complain uh? Adopt BOFH strategies and I'm sure
they will stop eheheh :-).
There is a way to resend the failled fax. Just modify
notify.awk to attach the failled fax(choose PDF
format, PS loose quality every time you resend it),
and your users only need is "print" again the file
using WHFC.

Lotus Notes...do you want to know why we are using
HylaFAX(fortunally), here? Because Lotus cease the
development of their Fax solution! We pay alot for
Lotus software and they don't care...

>    I even dought if they are content, when they get
>    the original document from the directory ./docq
>    whith their e-mail notification of the failed
> job,
>    because they would have to regenerate the cover-
>    page.

I guess that the cover page will go in the attach, but
I'm not sure, we don't use covers, I think it's a
waste of paper(to our costumer) and not very

>    Has anybody been facing such a demand ?

Well, users always want something strange, and usually
after having the demand satisfied they never use the
stuff they asked for and cost you some headaches. So,
sometimes they deserve a kick in the as...:-)

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