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Re: [hylafax-users] Large Fax Setup Question

--- Jurriaan de Boer <jurriaan@nl.euro.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently running HylaFax 4.1 on a FreeBSD box,
> with 2 external analog modems. Our company wants to
> connect more departments to the fax platform.

They like it uh? :-)
> I have 2 questions:
> 1] I'm currently doing fax sorting (each department
> has it's own number, and queue) based upon the
> $DEVICE variable in the faxrcvd-script.

The usual before considering ISDN-like way.
> Is it possible to sort (/route) faxes based upon the
> number the fax was sent to instead of the device-id.

Yep. Search MSN, DID and Yan Seiner in the mailling
> 2] We want to connect at least 8 numbers to the fax
> server. The least worst option is currently a
> Stallion
> Technologies EasyConnect 8/32 serial multicard,
> because
> it is supported natively in FreeBSD with the stl(4)
> driver.
> And then connect 8-16 external modems to it.
> I'd rather go for onboard modems though, so can
> anyone
> recommend some PRI-Card (ISDN) or Onboard Multimodem
> cards?
> (which would be guaranteed to work without to much
> hassle,
> on GNU/Linux or *BSD).

Well, last month, a guy posted talking about that he
is using USB modems with hylafax. That is a very
cheaper solution. Search in the mailling list.
> Thanks!
> Jurriaan de Boer

You're welcome.

P.S. Lately people are becoming preguicoso isn't it? :-))).

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