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[hylafax-users] Files not sent. Sitting in queue? Help.

Any help here would be great.  I am using a debian potato system.  It
installs as standard v4.0p12 of hylafax (according to faxsetup.)  I am
so far unable to get hylafax to work.  "faxsetup" was run automatically
when I installed the binaries.  I am quite confident that this worked
properly.  I am sure my modem is connected and working properly because
I have check with minicom.  I ran faxaddmodem and it appears that this
went OK.  At this point it may not be relevant.  I am able to connect to
server via telnet localhost 4559.  When I issue a stat I get:

211-localhost HylaFAX server status:
    HylaFAX (tm) Version 4.0pl2
    Connected to localhost (
    Logged in as user mark (uid 21)
    "/" is the current directory
    Current job: (default)
    Time values are handled in GMT
    Idle timeout set to 900 seconds
    Using long replies
    No server down time currently scheduled
    HylaFAX scheduler reached at /dev/FIFO (not connected)
    Server FIFO is /client/12011 (open)
    File cache: 18 lookups, 2 hits (11.1%), 1.2 avg probes
        14 entries (1.5 KB), 0 entries displaced, 0 entries flushed
    TYPE: ASCII; STRU: File; MODE: Stream; FORM: PS
    No client data connection
211 End of status

I can issue a fax to the queue using sendfax an example being

hammer:~$ sendfax -d 3848933 campusmap.ps
request id is 11 (group id 11) for host localhost (1 file)

If I then issue a faxstat -s command like

hammer:~$ faxstat -s

I get

HylaFAX scheduler on localhost: Running

JID  Pri S  Owner Number       Pages Dials     TTS Status
11   127 W   mark 3848933       0:0   0:12         

files just remain in the queue until they time out.  I found this in the
hylafax.log.  What am I missing?


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